Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Camping Season Starts

With the glorious weather this weekend I have been so jealous of those people that had booked camping trips with their families. With campsite booking up between 20 and 30% for the summer it looks as though those last minute trips won't be quite so spontaneous this year.

In addition to campsite bookings being up the incidence of skin cancer is also showing an increase. Anybody that suffered from sunburn as a child, probably most of us, knows how miserable it is trying to sleep with lobster skin. As a typical pale skinned Brit I am constantly nagging my kids to put on the lotion and keep on their sun hats. We have just added some sun hats to our product range and these can be found in the accessories section of our website http://www.littlewideworld.co.uk/.

The Sahara hat is particularly good with it's light weight fabrc, terry forehead band for absorbing moisture and the stowable neck shade. Made by Vaude you can be sure of the quality and is well worth the £18 price tag.

If you need to be weight or space conscious then the Kids Switch cap (pictured) is a real bargain. At only £6 it offers SPF40 sun protection and is adjustable to fit children from toddlers up to about 8 years of age. It has the added benefit of having a softer peak than many caps which means it can be folded (or if your kids are like mine screwed up) to fit into a pocket or pack.

We have also extended the range of bags we stock with the Vaude Ayla 6 backpack which is a great size for 3-6 year olds and comes with it's own soft "companion" to share all your kids adventures, and the snazzy Daisy shoulder bag which is ideal for little girls who would rather not put their lunchbox in a backpack. Both of these items can be found in the "bags and packs" or "Vaude" sections of our website.

That's the plugs over for this week, with half term I am splitting my time between Camping Kidz and my own kids so it's going to be a busy one. I promise not to go on about the product range in my next update and plan to share some of our favourite camping recipes.

Have a fabulous half term (if your lucky enough to be off work/school) and if you have a favourite recipe you want to share feel free to send it to me at campingkidz@littlewideworld.co.uk.

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