Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Plant identification

I haven't abandoned my new resolution - I have identified the Iris... drum roll please...... it is a Stinking Iris and I can confirm that it is a native plant. I didn't think to smell it, something to add to the list of things to do when out with the kids. I'm very proud of my new investigative skills and think I may carry on with this learning our wild plants malarky.

This weeks plant....

So far I have been able to find that it is an orchid, possibly a Southern Marsh Orchid. However, it wasn't growing in marsh - do drainage ditches count as marsh?

Now for an interesting fact.... easier than said than done with this plant. I think it's pretty rather than interesting. More good news though, it is a native.

For future walks I need to invest in a notebook and make a note of the location and size of the plant to supplement my often very "soft" focus snaps.

Back to the world of camping and did anybody brave Glastonbury with their kids. If so I'd love to hear from you... did your kids enjoy it as much as you hoped? What could you not live without on site? What did you not have that you would have loved? I'm toying with the idea of taking my kids to a festival - I think Glastonbury might be a bit big for me but one of the smaller festivals would be fun and would love to have some advice.

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