Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Ski and Camp?

At this time of year my thoughts turn to planning our trips for next year. Whilst scanning through a campsite guide I noticed a number of sites are open all year round, a site we have camped on in previous years stays open all year for people to ski and camp! Whilst camping in the snow doesn't appeal to me personally I wondered if there were many people out there that do winter camping (or is it only something to try with a caravan?).

If you're a winter camper I'd love to hear from you...

Do you heat your tent and if so how?
Is it just a case of artfull layering for warmth at night?
Do you cook your meals at camp or escape to the warmth of a restaraunt or pub?

The thought of getting cold and not being able to warm up puts me off camping passed October half term but people survive much colder temperatures than we get here so I guess it's just down to good planning. Either way I am yet to be convinced that it's for me.

Meanwhile, at we have stocked up on fleece hats and mittens and have some fabulous fleece all-in-ones for toddlers to wear under snow suits. If you are taking your kids skiing this winter check out the sunglasses we have at the online store - these have a thick neoprene strap so don't fall off and are optician approved so you don't need to worry about your kid's eyes in the snowy glare.

Last order date for Christmas delivery is the 18th December (stock levels permitting). I am updating the site regularly to try and ensure all items currently on the site are in stock but occassionaly an item will go out of stock and we cannot guarentee delivery dates. If you are buying as a Christmas gift you can email me at and I can check stock levels or give me a call on 01844 202622.

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